Type Appreciation


Brandon Bliesner

I think that there are a few things that drew me to this particular typeface. I was interested at the corners, at first glance they appear to be sharp corners but they’re actually slightly rounded. I also felt like some of the curves were a little irregular and I wanted to give myself a challenge. In turn, some of these irregular curves did give me trouble in that I had to use a couple more anchor points than I would have liked to for many of the letters. However, I took a class in the summer in which we worked almost exclusively with Illustrator so I’m already pretty familiar with the pen tool. I do want to note that I’m not completely satisfied with my project, I feel like if I had more time I could have went back in and tweaked each letter a bit more to use even less anchor points and make my outlines better in general. I went through and did them all rather roughly at first, and then went back to refine them, but unfortunately I’m a perfectionist and I could spend endless amounts of time until I’m truly happy with a creation. At the same time I feel that when inspecting some of my letters in Illustrator, you can see that when I have the time I can utilize the pen tool very well. The other image I attached is a selfie I did via the pen tool.

Honestly, it’s difficult for me to choose which designer is my favorite from the Helvetica film, but I found that after being introduced to Paula Cher, I was immediately interested in finding out more about her. I think it’s very interesting how, at her age, she still continues to grow in terms of creative vision and the work she creates. It kinda shows me that if you are motivated you can do anything.

I think most of the readings we’ve done so far could be argued to be portrayed in the design of type. Certainly Point, Line and Plane are the first ones which come to mind. The design of type is literally the use of points to create lines on a plane, which are also used to create the rythm of a particular letter. Of course, scale is also a big part of the whole process. Texture is also quite important: is the font smooth?; is it rough on the edges?; does it has overlapping lines on the inside?

Type Appreciation Project
Selfie by Brandon
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