Peer Review 2: Jack Kay

Peer Review 2 - Jack Kay

Jack Kay
Jack Kay

I think that the letters feel a little wide. It’s hard to tell completely because Jack didn’t upload a picture of the complete font, but I think I might take off the serifs.

The letters feel very bold. In this sense, I don’t think there are any improvements that I would make.

I think there is very little contrast if any at all. I see some of the letters have serifs and some don’t. I think that all the letters fit the pattern, but I think that some of the serifs are out of place. like the “L” and “D” have serifs but it looks a little odd in my opinion.

The letters seem to be pretty upright, besides some like Z, Y, K, W, X, and V that do have some horizontal stuff going on but I think that it’s necessary for this type of grid.  

The letter-spacing seems to vary a little bit, and I think Jack might have not thought about this aspect. Tracking feels the same way. What I did, was I made a rectangle and then placed it between the letters and then moved the letters to be touching the edges of it. I would suggest doing that for both the tracking and letterspacing to make it all even.

For the most part, the pangram is legible, at least to me. However, I do find some of the letters harder to read than others, for example, the D, L, and B letterforms are just slightly harder to process. I think that might be due to them having serifs, and the B is really condensed.

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