Peer Review 1: Eddie Abellar

Peer Review 1: Eddie Abbelar

For my peer review, I am reviewing the word map done by Eddie Abellar. I think that hierarchy is pretty clear in his project. He has two main categories which I assume are most important to him: Sports and Video-games. I think that the way in which he has utilized scale also goes to show which sub-categories are most important to him. The main categories are larger, and as the categories get more specific the scale is reduced. Color seems to be utilized fairly well, although I would have liked to see some overlapping of words and the creation of some texture, I think his project tells a lot about himself as someone who is organized and concise. He also utilizes font well in terms of showing what is important. I think the balance somewhat seems mirrored. The video-games category is large and bold while the sports category is much lighter. The organization of this project on their website is pretty clear to understand. Eddie has posts that are for other classes but everything is tagged and it’s easy to understand. 

Wordmap - Eddie Abellar
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