Color Theory Diagram

Color Theory Diagram

My diagram shows that when colors are mixed, you get the color that is between the two. I chose not to label “Primary” etc, but I made sure the other colors were between the primaries just like we did in the previous part of this project.

I actually didn’t realize I needed to use my pictures until now…. whoops

I labeled saturation and de-saturation once on my diagram, and that is meant to stand for the rest of the design as well. For temperature, I chose to “slice” the background in half and have temperature labeled that way.

I actually didn’t really get any inspiration from the diagram chapter. Instead, I just searched around google. One big inspiration was those color cards that they have at paint stores.

I think that I used typography pretty well. I went with a very small, minimal kinda take with the typography because I really just wanted to keep the focus on the colors themselves.

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