Collections I Keep: Brainstorming Activity and Word Map

Collections I Keep: Brainstorming Activity & Word Map

Word Map

For my design, I can admit that I was struggling in the beginning and I felt like the collections I wrote down weren’t going to work. I wanted to have 8 of my items as their own things; items which I thought were important but yet could also hold other list items. And then as I had a few other categories, I really just wasn’t sure how to do it. I kept trying different things as far as layouts for the categories that are now shown on the top and bottom of my project. So, I was trying to convey that those big categories are very important to me, and I wanted to make sure they were very clearly seen. To show an order of importance, I had a category stemming from fashion and clothing and another from memories. For the category in the middle, electronics, I noticed that my category had two sub-categories, which are electronic items you can touch, and other items which are digital things, like emails. The category on the top left that is basically un-readable, is a category I felt wasn’t extremely important, and the same goes for the one on the bottom right, but less so. And for the one on the bottom right, the red text is storage items in red, and things I always have with me, usually stored in a backpack, are the words in black.

I feel that using only text for a project was quite difficult, especially given the fact that we had to make a design using our categories. Throughout this project I can honestly say there were many times that I just wanted to quit. This simply is not how I’ve designed things in the past – with very little room for my own creativity to flow, but I couldn’t back down from the challenge.

Honestly, I didn’t learn all that much. I have used Illustrator a ton in the past and so for me, it was more so just figuring out how I was going to lay things out, and while I’m not happy with my final product I think it still works for our assignment.

The rhythm I see in my project is a concentration on the top and bottom, then to the center, and then my eyes tend to go to either of the lists beside the middle area which are actually legible. The black/red category area is really just supposed to be a filler/a way to try to balance out my project. I tried to balance the design by making it look similar if you were to flip either half to the other – which was a little hard due to the way I did the center but I think it works.

I meant to make my design wild, but orderly. Wild in the sense that there were going to be a lot of overlapping text which create texture, and I think my favorite example of that would probably be the black/red overlapping text on the bottom right. I think it made an interesting “edgy” kinda texture, while the category in the middle has a soft sort of look. I’m not really sure how to describe the rest of the textures in this but I do think I was able to make some aspects wild and some aspects orderly.


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