DTC 336

Point, Line, Plane Photo Essay

Point, Line, Plane Photo Essay
by Brandon Bliesner

Art Parking Garage - Ramp

So for this project, I took all my photos at a parking garage on campus. I wouldn’t say that the garage, in particular, was unusual, but it seemed unusual for me to take photos in a building that I have known as just a shortcut for so long. For this first photo, I feel that the two ramps suggest that the photo has been taken within a large building. Thus, I would say it shows volume, while also displaying lines in many different areas. I would also say that the framing helps give this one an ominous feeling, and the textures of the road look rather smooth, versus the texture of the cement which looks rough and dense.

Art Parking Garage -Exterior

This is another photo that I think shows volume. In terms of framing, I tried to take the picture from below so that it would look like the building was towering above, to add to the feeling of it being voluminous. From the photo, I think the building actually looks soft and smooth, but in reality its made of cement and is a little rough from years of wear due to weather.

Art Parking Garage - Ramp 2

This is my final photo for volume. It’s a lot like the first photo in the idea of the ramps creating volume. I think this one might be a little more effective with the gaps between the ramps because a viewer has no idea how big it is unless they’ve been there. With that being said, I think that this could be framed in many different ways but I’m not sure that you would get the same feeling for the largeness of the building. Finally, I would say that the textures are pretty much the same in this whole photo since it’s all cement, and that it appears as it would be smooth and uneven.

Art Parking Garage - Box

I saw this on the ceiling of the parking garage and I felt like it could be an interesting example for a point. The little box in this photo seems rather insignificant while it may actually hold a big purpose. I think the textures in this photo all look really smooth, and the box components and wire look slick. The framing has a lot to do with the outcome of this photo. Without being so close to it, you might not even notice it at all.

Art Parking Garage - Pillar

I think that this is an example that shows a point (the pillar) which establishes its own identity.  The lines that lead to the pillar make it seem this way. I took multiple pictures of this pillar as subject but I think this one was the one that captured it best. I feel like it’s saying “I am the pillar which this building relies on.” I think the texture of the pillar looks really smooth, and the ceiling looks very rough.

Art Parking Garage - Emergency

In this photo, which looks much better at full resolution, I was playing with light, camera settings, and framing. I was trying to create a photo that looked like it came out of a horror movie, and I think the framing helped out a lot. I feel like this has two points which are both of interest. The phone and the light. Without one of them, they subtract from eachother, as I witnessed when trying different framing options. It’s hard to see the textures here but the ceiling looks almost perfect due to the lighting on it.

Art Parking Garage - Wall

I saw these lines on one of the walls and had to include it as an example of lines. Obviously, it shows two lines going across/down something. I think that the understanding of this image depends on the perspective for sure. The texture looks rough and smooth at the same time, and I can almost feel how the indents might feel like. I also really likes these colors, and I like how the picture turned out.

Art Parking Garage - Parking Lines

This is my second example of lines and it seems pretty self-explanatory. I tried to keep the point of convergence directly in the center of the frame to further the idea of it being significant. The textures in this image look really warn, and with the opaque yellow lines on the outside you get the understanding that this area is very old.

Art Parking Garage - Grate

My final example of lines. When I was walking around I noticed this grate, which consisted of many lines, and also the fact that it had been run-over by another line. I thought the concept seemed really interesting and I think that the framing of this really adds to the photo as a whole. I soften this image up a little bit in Lightroom, but you can still see that the grate feels very worn, and the ground seems to be really uneven and grainy.

Art Parking Garage - Fire

So here I have an example of a plane. This concept is interesting when thinking about it for this photo because it seems like the plane being the wall can actually be host to more elements, and in turn could be argued to carry volume. Obviously, we don’t normally see a wall in that way but it was just a thought I had. In any case, the framing helps support the wall as being never ending, and the texture of the wall are visibly scratched and indented which seem to show age.

Art Parking Garage - Grate

Again, here’s the grate that I saw, in different framing. It seems as though the plane of the ground turns into a few bounded planes in this image. One on the left, one on the right, and one on the bottom, with the grate being its own bounded plane. Yet, while this is happening the yellow lines seem to be able to transform other objects into boundless plains, yet they are still eaten by the holes in the grate. Again, I softed up this image a little bit so it appears like the ground is smooth, and at this depth it appears as the grate could also be smooth, but I can tell you that is not the case.

Art Parking Garage - Arrow

This is my final photo, and final example of plane. The grainy plane of the background, which is the ground, happens to change once an arrow gets painted onto it. It is then a bounded plane, but yet, it isn’t truly bounded. The framing helps this appear because you are not able to see where the plane may lead.